Thing #13: Attend a “21st Century” Conference

Authentic Voices conference, presenter Kyle Dunbar, Alexandria VA.

The presenter has worked with a language arts teacher to create a wiki where students can post their work, written and audio. A comment that sticks with me is that students edited their works multiple times as they recorded the work, tweaking and reworking so the work sounded better. How hard is it to cajole some students to revise–yet here they do it without prompting! The involved teachers are finding that students are blossoming from feedback, both personal (friends and family) and peer (even outside the district). This presenter is interested in creating a format that makes participation for teachers (inside and outside her school)¬†straightforward¬†and understandable. But her goal is the interactive portion–getting feedback for her students. Wiki now, but perhaps a blog in the future because she thinks in general that blogs invite more feedback.

I liked the audio portion best–she played some of what the students had recorded. I thought it would work well for shorter pieces of writing–and that students can practice speaking and may find more success with the audio than the visual…

Very useful to have presentations at my fingertips. I attend conferences and take notes, but I’m not good at follow-up. If I attend a conference online, I’m more likely to bookmark it and return to it if I learn something! And it wasn’t long–15 minutes. So if I found one worth listening to more than once, I can do it easily.

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  1. Great point about having the ability to revisit the clip! I rarely look back on my handwritten notes from conferences. This would be a great resource.

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